Erin is originally from Vancouver, Canada, where her yoga journey began in 2008 after a spinal injury from a snowboarding accident. She came to the practice seeking physical healing but stumbled across something much more powerful…. A calm mind! At the end of every class she felt this incredible sense of bliss and relaxation as she stepped back into the world. Over time she found increased strength and flexibility from yoga, but most importantly she found a bit of peace, calm and clarity. From this clarity came the desire and drive to share this experience with others. She wanted to be the one helping and guiding others to experience this balance of strength and relaxation. In 2014 she began her yoga teacher training and is now a 500 hour certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. Erin’s classes are fun and flowing with a strong focus on settling the mind and finding that quiet space. She incorporates dynamic movement mixed with aspects of mindfulness to create a balance between strength and stillness. Erin’s greatest joy now is watching her students leave class with the same expression she had on her face after that first class.